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The worst mother freakin' icons contest
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Hi! Welcome to worst_lims! This is another rip-off community of ultimate_lims (run by miss_sarac and detoxcocktails) but with a very (VERY VERY VERY) weak twist. Although that was taken and improved upon from disney_hush, so apparently we're all thieves here.

This is a weekly competition and elimination contest to find out who is the worst PURPOSELY bad icon maker! We're all about fun and games here with a heavy dose of thievery (of fun community ideas) and all-around good times.

So sit back, relax, and get those graphic programs open so we can see who can make the worst icons ever!

Rules (yeah, we totally have those. Sorry!):

1) Comment to this post with your username and include this phrase: "Kylie Minogue is awesome." The signup deadline is Friday, July 21, 2006 so make sure you comment to the post before then!

2) The first challenge will go up Monday, July 24, 2006. You will then have until that Friday night at 11:59pm EST to create and submit your icon to the appropriate post. If you have not signed up by Friday, July 21, 2006 then you may not participate and if you have not submitted your icon by the weekly deadline then you will be kicked out from the game. You must enter every challenge until you are voted off.

3. If you absolutely cannot make a challenge then please leave a comment telling me so and you can skip it and join in again the following week. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE. I'll be keeping track so only request a bye if you absolutely know 100% that you can't get an icon in. If you can't get one in on a different week and you've already used up your bye then tough luck, kiddo.

How the icon submitting works:

Each week we'll provide contestants with a picture and you'll (obviously) take that picture and make an icon with it and submit it within the deadline. You may do anything you like to the icon as long as it's BAD and as long as you don't completely cover the original image. We must be able to make out the original image in your icon. So don't crop it out completely or cover the entire icon in brushes or something.


Each Friday night/Saturday morning at 12AM EST the voting entry will be put up. Anyone that wants to vote may do so and will be voting for the icons that are NOT UGLY ENOUGH. You'll vote for the number of icons provided on the voting entry. You may also vote for the icon you think is the UGLIEST for a weekly winner as well.

After 24 hours the poll will close and the votes will be tallied up and a post will be made to determine who has been booted from the competition.

Then we'll start all over again.

Affiliates: hp_lims, coffee_lims, actor_lims, sailormoon_lims, veronica_lims, vm_lost_hp, dog_icontest, lyricslims, hermione_lims, mkalims, icon_idols, and oclims.

If you would like to affiliate with us then please comment here and we'll add you to the userinfo as soon as possible. You know you want to! This community is just too cool not to affiliate with! Heh...Heh? Just do it.

-- This community info is heavily ripped off of the userinfo for ultimate_lims. What can I say? Theirs was just so good!